M/V Soul Mates

Vessel Name

Before our “new to us” 2003 Nordhavn N4701 was ours, she was previously named:

  • M/V Heart Beat from 2023 – 2015
  • Unknown Name from 2015 – 2013 (Canadian Flag)
  • M/V Fresh Breeze  from  2013 – 2008 
  • M/V Ocean Rose from  2008 – 2003

If you’re like us, there’s always a bit of curiosity as to the chosen name of a vessel. But before we begin to tell our story, it’s important to understand the history and names of our past vessels.

We purchased our first (new) boat, a 2010 24′ Yamaha 240SX, on Thursday, 7/1/10, from Clews & Strawbridge (Malvern, PA). A trailerable open bow, twin-engine boat. Lacking creativity, we referred to her as M/V Yami or M/V Yammi. A great family boat for navigating the Chesapeake Bay, MD area and water sports.

In November 2010,  Janet was diagnosed with cancer. No longer able to tolerate the sun but unwilling to forgo boating, she said, “Honey, I think it’s time for us to upsize the boat.” Well, that didn’t require a second mention!

In April 2013, we purchased a (new) 2012 35′ Regal Sport Coupe from Jackson Marine Sales (North East, MD). Relishing in all the amenities: air conditioning, enclosed cockpit, heat, queen beds, galley, head, and salon.

Through all the medical chaos, complications, and treatments, it was most appropriately named M/V Silver Lining. Our place for retreat, serenity and tranquility! For many years, we were naive to think how quickly we would find our ideal trawler as we had an oversized slip for many years (M/V Silver Lining LOA, 38′ our slip 50′ at Skipjack Cove Yachting Resort & Marina, Georgetown, MD). Even then, as trawler dreamers, we knew that our next vessel would be M/V Soul Mates because it’s in times of darkness that relationships are truly proven and tested. During one of our annual trips to St Michael’s, MD we purchased a beautiful compass rose pendant (for Janet) which would become our next vessel’s icon. We sold (FSBO) M/V Silver Lining on Friday, 4/22/22 (Pasadena, MD).

On Thursday, 5/18/23 (Palm Beach Gardens, FL), we purchased our “new to us” 2003 Nordhavn (N4701) with Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales (JYMS) services.    


soul mate

noun: soulmate; plural noun: soulmates; noun: soul-mate; plural noun: soul-friend
A person ideally suited to another close friend or romantic partner. A close friend or romantic partner with whom one has a unique, deep connection based on mutual understanding and acceptance. A person who shares the same beliefs or opinions as another person.

Numerologists claim, there’s significant meaning behind repeated numbers:

  • 01/11/10 Proposal, “Yes
  • 11/11/11 We said, “I Do

You are my Soul Mate, my love, my peace, my love. You are my soft place to fall, my guiding light, my best friend. In you I see our happy ever after. What a love I have found with you, my love, my peace, my life, my Soul Mate” ~Unknown

Twin flame is known to feel like a mirror of yourself; as they mirror reflect your qualities and traits (both bad and good traits).