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Captain William “Patrick”

Date of Service: Saturday, 5/20/23 – Saturday, 6/3/23
Service: Hired Licensed Captain
Cons: Anchorage Knowledge, Cleanliness (After Self), Daily Complaints (Our Depth & Speed), Daily Consumed Alcohol (Evenings), Docks & Restaurants Business Card Solicitations, Electronic Familiarity, Negative Energy, Overall Vessel Familiarity, Overall Vessel Knowledge, Professionalism, Rate (Based on Product Knowledge & Training Abilities), Risk Tolerance & Training Ability
Pros: Availability, Connections, Guide (Fuel Polishing & Oil Change), Responsiveness (Email & Phone), Resume (Paper) & Route Familiarity
Comments: Hired as a Training Captain onboard our “new to us” vessel with repositioning from Palm Beach Gardens, FL to Georgetown, MD; we happily no longer required his services upon our Norfolk, VA arrival!

Neither of us would recommend his services!

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