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2023 Mobile Internet Resource Center Zoom Webinar

We attended a complimentary webinar hosted by the Marine Trawler Owners Association (MTOA) featuring the Mobile Internet Resource Center with Speakers Cheri & Chris Ve Ard. A couple who alternate travels from a boat and RV.

The webinar topic was marine connectivity solutions and mobile internet:

  • Industry News & Updates
  • Internet Gear
  • Latest in 5G Cellular
  • Marina WiFi
  • Satellite
  • Starlink

I am fortunate to reside with an IT guru, so why attempt to understand it when you can delegate to a guru? Honestly, such a topic sounds like chimerism and a foreign language to me. Any conversations on this matter, I just politely nod and just zone out.

Kudos to Cheri & Chris for keeping my interest engaged and breaking it down in English.

Their Facebook page is insightful and resourceful, Internet for RVers & Cruisers.

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