• Custom Salon Lamp Shades Made
  • Custom Stovetop Cutting Board Made
  • Installed Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Alarms
  • Installed Dockside Doorbell System
  • Installed Dockside Weight System
  • Installed Xumo Stream Box (Master Stateroom & Salon)
  • Removed Black Velcro Strips & Foldable Door Screens (3)
  • Repaired Air Conditioning Pump Leak
  • Repaired Flybridge Drain
  • Repaired Grey Water & Holding Tank Sensors
  • Repaired Galley Over Counter LED Lights
  • Repaired the Lazarette Light
  • Replaced Fuel Hoses
  • Replaced Navigation Computer (Pilothouse)
  • Replaced Nylon Hoist Line with Dynama Line
  • Repaired Generator Starter Solenoid Connector (Corrosion & Connection)
  • Repaired Pilothouse Monitor Touch Screen
  • Repaired Tender Lift Harness
  • Repaired Tender Leak
  • Replaced Exterior Staircase Double Seal Light Fixture
  • Replaced Second Hoist
  • Replaced Winches (2)
  • Tested Hurricane Heater
  • Tested Spectra Newport Watermaker (Pickled & Winterization)
  • Troubleshooted Nonoperational Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • Upgraded Sea Strainers
  • Zincs Replaced

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