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How to Stay Close to the Finger Pier Dock

A 35.3 lb weight dropped in the water with this pulley system keeps our vessel close to the docks. Further making getting on and off easier. A hefty threaded eye bolt (Home Depot or Lowe’s) screws into the side plank parallel to the water under the dock deck floor (as noted in photo), a stainless steel thumb screw lock (Amazon) is passed through the hefty threaded eye bolt and (Amazon) shackle pulley (as noted in photo). A dinghy line (marine store) is customized and knotted onto the dumbbell weight (Dick’s Sporting Goods) which passes through the shackle pulley with a custom eye loop (partially photographed) which then secures to our vessel cleat. 

Why do we do this?

  • We don’t need to constantly adjust the lines to get on/off the vessel. Instead we just unhook the weight line from our vessels cleat. We tend not to use it if we don’t intend to get off or at night.
  • Once the weight line is secured to our cleat, it gently keeps the vessel near the docks. If there’s some wind pulling us away from the dock, it will gently pull us back to the dock as well..
  • When we leave our slip and upon our vessel return. Once I have secured our spring line, I’ll proceed with picking up this weight line which also helps with keeping us stationary while attaching the other lines. We strive to minimize any “Boat Yoga“, LOL!


  • Never leave attached overnight or unattended.
  • Weight does not rest on the water floor. You’ll need to use your judgement.
  • We only use this system when we’re onboard at our home port (not as a transient).

We have used this method with our last vessel (35′ Regal Sport Coupe) without any issues for many years. Thus far, no issues with this vessel as well.

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