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Bare Bone Long Distance Vessel Reposition Tips

Residing in Pennsylvania, our settlement took place on Thursday, May 18, 2023, in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, on a “bare bone” vessel. We only had basic bedding (pillows, fitted sheet and sheet), fenders, a few spare parts, flares, and a telescoping pole.

Our “bare bone” vessel repositioning from Palm Beach Gardens, FL to Georgetown, MD, was delayed roughly 30 days due to previously being Canadian flagged, requiring the Seller’s immediate attention. Our departure was delayed with necessary repairs while also being mindful of our obligation to be out of the state of Florida by June due to hurricane season.

I am a self-claimed “packing guru.” Yet regardless of being such, it still required us to fly from PA to FL:

  • 4 Large Checked Luggage
  • 1 Carry On Luggage
  • 2 Backpacks

I packed while Jacques would regularly check on the weight. We cautiously stopped around 47 – 48 lbs per luggage, as airport scales usually tend to differ from ours. Overall, only a few reconsiderations and leave-behinds were required. We definitely earned the “Girl Scout Badge for Packing” on this task. It may not sound like a lot of luggage until we include the following:

  • 7 Amazon Drop Shipments to our CoBuyer Agent
  • 1 Drop Shipment to the Marina
  • 2 In Store Pick Ups
  • Store Visits: Costco, Dollar Tree, Marshalls, Publix & Trader Shoes

Light cleaning, organizing, and provisioning were successfully achieved within four days before our repositioning adventure commenced.


  • Anticipate weather and wind delays.
  • Backpack is great for housing your electronics, medications and valuables.
  • Be flexible with your Float Plan.
  • Carry on luggage is great for weighted items since they are not subject to being weighed.
  • Don’t underestimate the emotional and physical toll on your body, so make time for a body massage or nail treatments (manicure and pedicure).
  • Drop ship to your marina or salesperson with their prior consent.
  • During your marine survey is a great time to determine what tools you’ll need. Make a list.
  • During your marine survey is a great time to determine what your “nice to have” and “must haves” should be. Make a list.
  • Deck of playing cards is entertainment in flight and onboard your boat.
  • Flying First Class usually includes 2 checked luggage per person. Varies by airline.
  • Flying First Class usually includes carry-on luggage and personal item per person. Varies by airline.
  • Hidden tracker is a great way to keep track of your luggage, especially if it is delayed or lost.
  • Leave a vehicle at your home port marina. Hire a chauffeur service to take you to the airport.
  • Map your provision needs nearest the marina and directional flow to best maximize your time.
  • Make sure your personal electronics have the latest software update before your residential departure.
  • Pack additional prescribed medications in the event your trip is delayed for whatever reason.
  • Pack anti-drowsy nausea medication and pressure point wristbands.
  • Plan your chores to maximize your time.
  • Purchase liquids and hygiene products at the destination.
  • Share your Float Plan (something like Nebo) with at least 2 people.
  • Stick to a clothes color scheme to minimize clothes and shoes.
  • West Marine Shipyard Tool Kit will reduce your packing and weight, especially if picked or dropped shipped in destination.
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