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In most states it is considered illegal to dispose of old electronics in the trash. Options to consider are:

Good to Know

  • Before you donate or enlist in a recycle program be sure to remove all of your data first.
  • If you’re buying used electronics, buy from a reputable source and one that offers a warranty.
  • Goodwill accepts select electronic donations.
  • Log off of all subscription services.
  • Marine electronics may not qualify.
  • Online buyback sites usually request device details, provide a quote, generate an acceptance offer and prepaid shipping labels.
  • Restoring to factory default alone does not scrub your phone data.
  • Store Recycle Programs tend to offer a savings on select accessory or device purchases. Usually varies by device being recycled. 
  • Turn off Find my Phone feature before you donate or enlist in a recycle program. 
  • Use reputable recycling services like e-Stewards and R2 Recycling.
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