It is customary for the Boating Community to exchange “boat cards” which is equivalent to giving or receiving a business card from someone. Of course, “boat cards” are customized to the owners and boating community.

A good boat card will include…

Boat Information

  • Boat Make, Model & Year
  • Home Marina or Hailing Port
  • Maritime Mobile Service Identity Number (MMSI)
  • Photo of Boat

Owner/Crew Information

  • Crew Name(s)
  • Crew Photo
  • Email Address(es) & Phone Number
  • Membership Association(s)/Affiliation(s)
  • Motto or Slogan
  • Social Media (Blog, Facebook, YouTube Channel, etc)


  • For 100 boat cards it costs approximately $40.
  • Some save their boat cards and organize them. We do not. I do upload the boat card information to our digital shared contact directory.
  • Some boat cards have a space to note when and where you met. Since, I add them to our digital shared contact directory, in the notes field is where I file such information.
  • Some owners will switch out their boat photo every year.
  • We prefer to use a number that allows callers to select their preferred party that then forwards to our mobile number.
  • We prefer to use our shared email address which keeps both parties informed.
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