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Very Young Small Sweet Peas Side Dish Recipe

I’m not a big vegetable eater but Jacques certainly convinced me with his side of a very young small sweet peas side dish. Of course, there’s nothing better than fresh peas but, when forced to canned peas, this doctors them up nicely.


​Drain and rinse peas. Peel and cut shallot into small pieces. In a saucepan over medium heat melt your unsalted butter and saute shallots until they become translucent. Then gingerly add peas and lower heat to medium low. Add seasoning and gently stir.


  • BJs Warehouse sells Le Sueur Very Young Small Sweet Peas in a 8 pack.
  • Canned peas tend to have a shelf life ranging from 3 – 5 years.
  • For best results do not substitute the pea brand.
  • Leftovers reheat well and lasts for 3 – 4 days.
  • No need to add additional salt due to the seasoning.
  • Requires 1 – 2 shallots depending on their size.
  • Stir with a rubber or wooden spoon.
  • We prefer to use Land O’ Lakes butter.
  • We prefer it as a side dish to a london broil or rib eye grilled steak.
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