M/V Soul Mates

If both legal parents are not traveling with a minor, you should…

  • Consult with your Attorney as deemed necessary before commencing travel plas.
  • Obtain a written and notarized letter from the other parent to do so. 
  • Travel with a copy of your Custody Agreement.

Good to Know

  • Be sure to include the minor on your Float Plan.
  • Consent letter should include the youths full name and date of birth (and passport number for internationally).
  • If the minor is not your child(ren) but a family member or family friend do become familiar with their allergies, health issues and medication.
  • US Citizens children (under age 16) whether arriving by land or sea from Canada or Mexico must present their original Birth Certificate or Certificate of Naturalization.
  • Sample letter, “I <Consenting Parent(s)> acknowledge that my <Child’s Relationship to Consenting Parent(s)> is traveling <Specify Country or Destination> with <Specify Parent(s) in the Custody Of> with my permission <Specify Start & End Dates>”.
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