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Custom Mantle Basket Repurposed

Onboard space is always considered prime real estate, dually important is functionality and multipurpose use. At any given time we have 2 – 3 baskets used as storage and to easily move for workspace. 

Since adding the custom butcher stove top last year, which we absolutely love providing more counter space while also placing our electrical cooking devices directly below our vent. 

Without hindering any additional counter space, we wanted a basket to store our fruits, snacks and vegetables. Something long and narrow without compromising too much butcher stove top space. Every search fell short. At one point, even a floral window wicker basket was being considered. Eventually, I stumbled on mantle baskets which were long and narrow but either too long or short. Further, narrowing my search I came across 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets. Inquiring whether they could customize a mantel basket measuring 30″L x 6″H x 5″W without a handle. I was thrilled Ann was able to do so. It’s a great addition to our galley. An easy to move if necessary. We love it! 

For more information, checkout our “Vendor Review” for 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets.

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